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Like Clockwork , which is set for a June release date, will also feature Dave Grohl, Sir Elton John, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. Previous Queens Of The Stone Age collaborators Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri will also appear on the album as does James Lavelle, better known as the man behind UNKLE.

Josh Homme of QOTSA has previously collaborated with the Arctic Monkeys. He produced most of their third album, Humbug and did backing vocals on “All My Own Stunts” from their fourth album, Suck It and See.


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alex turner

Our beloved frontman turns 26 today.

In other news, Miles Kane has confirmed that work has begun on the new Last Shadow Puppets record.

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Alex Turner, who is good friends with Kane, has collaborated with him before for The Last Shadow Puppets. Kane has joined the AMs on stage for “505.” (See the video embedded above.)

According to Contact Music, Turner said: “No one’s ever been bold enough to ask it outright ever before. And no, he hasn’t asked us.”

Jamie Cook added: “If he did ask though, we probably would let him.”

Alex then replied: “Yeah, we would in a second. We’ve thought about asking him a few times.”

Kane’s main band is The Rascals, and he also made a solo record this year.

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Turner told The Toronto Sun:

You know, I’d love to do something with Josh Homme again. He obviously produced most of our last album (Humbug in 2009). I’d love to get back in the studio with him at some point. The whole experience with him was really inspiring — and fun as well, which is important. When you spend as much time in dark rooms as we do, it helps if it’s with somebody who makes you laugh and is a good bloke. So that definitely didn’t suck.

He also talks about his current preference to the studio instead of touring:

As time goes on and we’ve been in the studio a lot more, we’re perhaps more comfortable in that environment than we were in the beginning. We sorta know what we’re doing a little bit more. So yeah, I really love being in the studio now these days. But I think we’re still very much a live band and a touring band.


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The Arctic Monkeys will release “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala” as their latest single on August 15th in the UK. The b-side features Miles Kane of the Rascals on lead vox, and the song is attributed to “Miles Kane and the Death Ramps”, the Death Ramps being the Arctic Monkeys’ nom de plume at the moment. You can hear  Alex Turner doing some back up singing while the band builds a subversive rock n roll background to Miles’ primary vocals.

The song sounds nothing like The Last Shadow Puppets, it’s more like a combination of the styles of Humbug and Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. What do you think?

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A follow-up to The Last Shadow Puppet’s 2008 debut The Age of Understatement is in the works.

Speaking to  Gigwise,  The Rascals’ Miles Kane said: “[Alex and I] were both talking about it the other day, around how we could work it. At the moment it’s hard as we both have stuff out and tours coming up. But for me I think I’d just like to do a second album relatively quickly and I’m sure if we were to do a second Last Shadow Puppets album then that would come soon after.”

Alex Turner adds how the Arctic Monkeys are pleased with Suck it and See, alluding to the fact that he can be comfortable extending his creativity to The Last Shadow Puppets: He said: “We’re more confident as a band at the moment. We can relax a bit more and put more effort into our high kicks now. Maybe it’ll be time to get some pyrotechnics out soon.”

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