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The Arctic Monkeys drummer has confirmed that they will release their fifth studio album by the end of the year. Matt Helders said the Monkeys are “definitely happy” with the songs they have written already.

“Hopefully we’ll get it out this year – that’s the plan.”


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According to Alex Turner, the new Arctic Monkeys album will be heavier: “I think we’re going to go the direction of those heavier tunes. We did ‘R U Mine?’, and I think that’s where it’s going to be at for us for the next record.”

Alex also commented on how the band thinks the best songs on “‘Suck It And See” were the heavier ones: “We feel the strength of the last record is ‘Don’t Sit Down…’, the other songs like that – ‘Brick By Brick’ – the other side of it is fine, but I don’t know how much more of that we can do.”

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Lars Ulrich has stated that the Arctic Monkeys are a “heavy metal band disguised as an indie band” in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone

Metallica’s drummer said that the Sheffield band’s hidden heavier side makes them the perfect openers for Metallica’s very first Orion festival: “For me, having the Arctic Monkeys on there is big. I think they’re a heavy metal band disguised as an indie band…If you listen to a song like ‘Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But…’ there’s almost a Rush element in there.”

Arctic Monkeys will play alongside Metallica in New Jersey on June 23-24. The Gaslight Anthem and Best Coast will also play that weekend.

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about the new record, the boys said:

“It’s quite early days yet. We’ve not really got any songs for it at all,” says Nick O’Malley. “So it’s difficult to say [what the record will be like]. But we’re enjoying playing sort of fast songs at the minute, so maybe that’ll be an indication that it may go that way.”
“[‘R U Mine’ and ‘Electricity’ are] just stand-alone singles,” Matt Helders added, “but like he said, the songs like that are the most recent things we’ve done, so if that’s any sign of what kind of songs we’re writing, maybe we’ll go that way.”

about record store day, Matt said:

“I think [Record Store Day] needs to happen to keep people aware that there’s a better way of listening to music available, and it’s good. Then bands get involved and do something special to give people an incentive to buy it, I suppose. For instance, our record is purple, which means it’s more attractive to the eye. I don’t know why we chose purple. We’d already done a white one before.”

and about the reason behind their purple single, Nick said:

“We’re big fans of Barney.”


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Matt Helders has confirmed what Alex T had previously hinted at: that the Arctic Monkeys are indeed working on new material as they tour with The Black Keys.

“R U Mine” will not be on the new record. Helders says:

“It’s a standalone thing. Mainly because we kinda needed something new to put out for this tour I suppose. We’d already done four singles for ‘Suck It And See’ so we decided to do something new. We haven’t really started writing officially, a record or anything, but there’s a few things we’re playing around with in sound checks.”

when discussing the viral video for “R U Mine,” Helders added:

“The idea was sometimes when were messing around driving we film ourselves singing stupid songs on the radio, people do that I think, and in a way we wanted to do a video we could put out straight away without any promotion which is what we did with ‘Brick By Brick’. We didn’t tell anybody we were releasing it, we just put it out. In a way, that worked better than any other video we’ve put out. And ‘R U Mine?’ more people have watched that than any other video on this album. So obviously it worked.”

finally, Helders says about The Black Keys:

“We’re really big fans of Black Keys, kind of always have been. It’s a great tour to be able to watch them as much as you want as well. We’ve never done a support tour so it’s quite a lot of excitement and fun to just go on for an hour and you’ve got the rest of your night to enjoy as well.”

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via NME

The Arctic Monkeys are currently on tour with The Black Keys.

When asked if he had been working on new material on the road, Alex replied: “A bit. I don’t try to write on the road. I might try to this time, just for a change. Usually, I get home and I realize it’s bad, so I’ve not done it in the past. We’ve messed around in sound checks, but I’m not gonna meet a deadline, and it’s not like I need to write, though I want a head start for the next time around.”

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From BBC.co.uk

“The Orion festival will feature music, comedy and culture and the band themselves will perform on both days of the event.

Metallica will play 1984 album Ride The Lightning in its entirety one night and The Black Album the other…

Other acts announced so far for the Orion event are: Avenged Sevenfold, Cage The Elephant, Best Coast, Hot Snakes, Titus Andronicus, Gary Clark Jr, Lucero, Roky Erickson, The Black Angels, The Sword, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Liturgy.”

tickets are $125 for two days of admission

visit Orion’s official website HERE for more information

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