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about the new record, the boys said:

“It’s quite early days yet. We’ve not really got any songs for it at all,” says Nick O’Malley. “So it’s difficult to say [what the record will be like]. But we’re enjoying playing sort of fast songs at the minute, so maybe that’ll be an indication that it may go that way.”
“[‘R U Mine’ and ‘Electricity’ are] just stand-alone singles,” Matt Helders added, “but like he said, the songs like that are the most recent things we’ve done, so if that’s any sign of what kind of songs we’re writing, maybe we’ll go that way.”

about record store day, Matt said:

“I think [Record Store Day] needs to happen to keep people aware that there’s a better way of listening to music available, and it’s good. Then bands get involved and do something special to give people an incentive to buy it, I suppose. For instance, our record is purple, which means it’s more attractive to the eye. I don’t know why we chose purple. We’d already done a white one before.”

and about the reason behind their purple single, Nick said:

“We’re big fans of Barney.”



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Australian website watchoutfor.com.au recently interviewed the Arctic Monkeys bassist.

About Suck it and See, he said:

I think it’s gone really well. It probably got received better than Humbug did I think because I suppose it was a bit more pop than maybe no. 3 [Humbug] was.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the new songs when we play them live and singing along and everything. So yeah, like really sort of positive response to it.

click below to read the entire interview.


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There’s something off about Alex’s voice. And the music sounds muffled. Maybe it’s the sound system?

watch it HERE

What do you think?

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Their music always feels urgent…relentlessly pushing songs into full-sprint mode. And with lyrics worldly-wise, if not quite world-weary, Turner proves an insightful observer of human behavior, one who manages to transform adolescent tales of love and longing—those twin peaks of rock ’n’ roll—into the basics of existential struggle. The clever quip of a young man under arrest for under-aged drinking, “I’m sorry, officer, is there a certain age you’re supposed to be?” becomes a metaphor for that part of everyone’s experience comprised of mistakes rather than endeavors.

In their early songs, Arctic Monkeys indulge the naiveté of youth: they anticipate betrayals and adopt an ingrate’s attitude about their fans (“’Cause all you people are vampires”), recognizing that such adulation is conflicted and limited (“I know you’re certain we’ll fail”). Distrust of their own precocious fame also centers “Fake Tales of San Francisco,” a Dylanesque debunking of the nervous nightclub scene in which everybody performs by acting like everybody else. The song’s refrain is an improvised exorcism of bad behavior—“Get off the bandwagon/ And put down the handbook!”—and a pitch-perfect nod to Dylan (“Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters”) all in one.

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New City Music, a website based in Chicago, has just published an excellent essay on  the Arctic Monkeys, chronicling their early success, their breakthrough debut (which sold more copies in its first week than any other record in British history).

The story is worth a read, the only qualm I have with it is that the authors cite Andy Nicholson as AM’s current bass player, and as we well know, Nick O’ Malley has been the band’s bass player since 2006.

The article serves the purpose of paying homage to the band and giving the non-die-hard fanbase a little more background about them in the days leading up to their performances at Lollapalooza and House of Blues.


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The Arctic Monkeys’ contract with Domino records is set to expire after the promo and tour for Suck it and See end in early 2012. Because they’re brilliant and their records sell well, many record labels are eager to sign them on. However, the fact remains that


“They have a great relationship with Domino because the founder Laurence Bell has always given them a lot of creative control.

“And they could re-sign with the firm but now Domino face competition from the major labels, who are keen to wade in. It could be a huge bun fight.” (via)

Only time will tell whether they remain loyal to Domino or seek their fortunes elsewhere.

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The video isn’t the best but the audio is QUALITY. Listen to AM render my favourite song of theirs with delectable perfection below:

and here’s all four of them hanging out backstage. Matt’s secret ambition? To be Shia LaBeouf’s stunt double.


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