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Matt Helders has confirmed what Alex T had previously hinted at: that the Arctic Monkeys are indeed working on new material as they tour with The Black Keys.

“R U Mine” will not be on the new record. Helders says:

“It’s a standalone thing. Mainly because we kinda needed something new to put out for this tour I suppose. We’d already done four singles for ‘Suck It And See’ so we decided to do something new. We haven’t really started writing officially, a record or anything, but there’s a few things we’re playing around with in sound checks.”

when discussing the viral video for “R U Mine,” Helders added:

“The idea was sometimes when were messing around driving we film ourselves singing stupid songs on the radio, people do that I think, and in a way we wanted to do a video we could put out straight away without any promotion which is what we did with ‘Brick By Brick’. We didn’t tell anybody we were releasing it, we just put it out. In a way, that worked better than any other video we’ve put out. And ‘R U Mine?’ more people have watched that than any other video on this album. So obviously it worked.”

finally, Helders says about The Black Keys:

“We’re really big fans of Black Keys, kind of always have been. It’s a great tour to be able to watch them as much as you want as well. We’ve never done a support tour so it’s quite a lot of excitement and fun to just go on for an hour and you’ve got the rest of your night to enjoy as well.”


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from the AM website:

Arctic Monkeys are pleased to announce they will be releasing R U Mine? on a limited edition heavyweight purple vinyl 7″ for Record Store Day 2012. The vinyl will feature R U Mine? b/w exclusive new track ‘Electricity’.

The vinyl will only be available through independent record store outlets on Saturday 21st April 2012. ‘Electricity’ will be made available digitally on Monday 23rd April 2012.

I love Record Store Day : )

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The song, which is the b-side to the “Black Treacle” single, features English singer Richard Hawley (previously of Pulp) on vocals with AM providing the rock n roll music under the pseudonym of “The Death Ramps”. The song received its very own video, watch it below:

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the video was shot in California, and once again stars Matt Helders in an alternate universe.

the single is set for a January 23 release with a b-side called “You and I” by Richard Hawley and the Death Ramps

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the AM frontman tells NME that he’s forgotten how to write hit singles. That’s alright, he can still coin spectacular songs.

I have fucking forgotten how to do that… I don’t know what that is any more, it’s a different landscape these days.

He also says that singing doesn’t come to him naturally, and he has to work at it:

“I was never a singer. I have had to practice at that and writing melodies is something that didn’t come naturally. I was more comfortable writing lyrics. I am still working on it but I think we are getting there with the singing thing.”

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the AM frontman was listening to a lot of country music when the band was making their newest album, which he says “has elements of all three [previous albums] in it really. I think it has some of the sense of humor the first record had, and a bit of the darkness of the third. I don’t know if I’d say it was more mature.”

About country music:

“I started getting into country music which is something I’ve never gone anywhere near until quite recently, like I never understood it before. I know I’m never going to write a country tune, that just wouldn’t work, but for that reason I can draw something from it. They’re really sort of smart arses sometimes those guys, like George Jones and that kind of thing. The sound doesn’t speak to me but the lyrics  do.”

The band plans on releasing “Black Treacle” as a single early next year. Turner describes the b-side as follows:

“It’s a little bit more rock’n’roll. A lot of the album was more mellow. Since we put that out the songs we’ve been doing are a reaction to that. The new ones are a little bit more friendly. I quite like going in to do sessions just for B-sides. It’s a holiday for us. There’s no pressure.”

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Watch as Matt Helders continues his acting career for the bside to “Suck it and See”:

it’s not too common for bands to release music videos for their bsides…the AMs must have really wanted to finish the story of Helders the Badass

preorder the single HERE

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