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In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Turner discussed his contributions to the Submarine soundtrack.

“I am a romantic fool, no doubt about that. I can’t help myself but write those songs. I spend a bit of time sitting on the couch with an acoustic guitar — taking breaks, having a cigarette, going to the window then going back. When you do that, you end up doing a lot more of that romantic stuff, probably too much.”

Looking back at the band’s fast-paced beginnings, he said:

“I look back on that now and can sort of understand what went on,” he says. “At the time it was a blur. You’re in the eye of the storm and you don’t necessarily know what’s going on.”

About the band’s return to studio, he said:

“Usually by now we get itchy feet and want to get back in the studio, but we haven’t started doing that yet. That’s more about this record rather than slowing down. We want to give it the best shot.”


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The Arctic Monkeys’ frontman brought beauty to the Washington radio station for a live in-studio performance on August 10th. He played the softer songs on the album, drawing heartfelt acoustic perfection in his signature way and answering interview questions along the way –speaking about the MOJO awards, US censorship, how he got involved in Submarine and much more.

He played:

“Suck it and See”

“Reckless Serenade”

“Love is a Laserquest”


The songs are absolutely beautiful, but Alex seems sad to me. I hope he’s doing okay. What do you think of the radio session?

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As you probably know by now, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner embarked on his first truly solo effort in composing an EP of songs for the soundtrack of the indie movie Submarine. You can listen to those songs right HERE on AMN
Now if you’re interested in watching the film, you can order it at amazon.co.uk

Alternatively, US customers can wait for the official US release, set for October 4th, 2011

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this reminds me a bit of what Eddie Vedder did for Into the Wild. a tiny bit strange but sososo good.

listen to the entire EP below:


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