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Steve Jones, who appeared in the beginning of the Monkeys’ video for “R U Mine” has told Digital Spy that he hopes to work with the band in the future.

“I think they’re really good, and I think Alex Turner’s a very, very talented kid…I’d like to do be a bit of guitar with them guys. I’ll play on anyone’s record, to be honest with you. Me and Alex, we text each other quite a lot. He’s a good kid.”

About the video, Jones said:

“You need tough skin if you wanna read the comments on YouTube. I actually looked on their video – I was watching it and reading some of the comments . They’re like ‘Who’s that fat bastard at the beginning?’. None of them have any idea who I am. They think I’m some fat f**king idiot talking in a microphone.”


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what do you think?

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Arctic Monkeys – Electricity [mp3]

the song is the b-side to the purple vinyl single, “R U Mine”, to be released this Saturday, April 21 on Record Store Day

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my ears are still ringing from last night’s AMAZING GIG. I didn’t have a camera on me, but my friend Liz took some pictures with her phone. She only snapped a couple of the AM but she got a ton of TBK. and yes, we were front row, you go ahead and be jealous. oh, and she also caught Patrick Carney’s SIGNED drum head. BE VERY JEALOUS.



yes, that IS a disco ball. they’re so fucking cool, it’s ridiculous.

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There are photos of the band onstage and backstage at their first ever Madison Square Garden gig (supporting The Black Keys).

click HERE to view the slideshow which includes this lovely picture of Alex & Albert Hammond Jr

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The track is bass heavy and leans toward a rougher sound. I like it a lot. Do you?

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine [mp3]

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Welcome to Arctic Monkeys News! My name is Hanan and I’m going to do my best to bring you the latest and greatest from our favourite boys from Sheffield. Please stop by regularly and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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