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The Arctic Monkeys drummer has confirmed that they will release their fifth studio album by the end of the year. Matt Helders said the Monkeys are “definitely happy” with the songs they have written already.

“Hopefully we’ll get it out this year – that’s the plan.”


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Alex Turner says that he and Matt Helders pretended to be Oasis for a school talent show.

“In the UK, you go from primary school to secondary school at age 11,”

“And when we left primary school, all the kids would form groups and do a performance, like the girls would do a dance to the Spice Girls, or whatever.

“So me and Matt and some of our friends put on Morning Glory – we ‘played’ some tennis racquets and pretended to be Oasis. Matt was Liam Gallagher, he had the bucket hat on. I was the bass player.

“We were just standing there, doing what Oasis did onstage. Which was not a great deal. I don’t think we got as good a reaction as the Spice Girls.”

“With Oasis, it’s just that attitude, like it’s resistant against everything else that’s going on in music. I don’t know if you can fully understand that, it’s like an impulse, isn’t it? Especially at that age, you don’t rationalise, you’re just like, ‘That looks cool’.

“And I feel like that’s the f**king way it should be now, in a way. Guitar music or rock’n’roll or whatever you want to call it sort of goes away with trends, but it’ll never go away completely. It can’t die because it’s so fundamentally attractive.”

read more at Pitchfork

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He says:  “For us, it seems obvious to do something different when you make a new record. I know that bands can successfully carry on by having a similar sound forever, can have a full career out of it. Obviously many do and that works. It’s just that I don’t think we’d ever want to do that. We couldn’t make a record like our first record again, it would sound a bit fake.”

He continued: “We’ve never really thought that we can let expectation dictate what kind of music we make. I think it’s important that we make a record that we think is good and hopefully people share that opinion. Since that first record, we’ve all changed and hopefully the people that were into us have changed as well, grown up with us.”

Helders was then asked whether there’d be a break between touring and returning to the studio – and it doesn’t seem likely…

“This is the longest we’ve ever toured a record, since its come out. Usually, we have got back in the studio by now or we’ve had a break. This tour’s great, we’re really enjoying it but I think we’re ready to record again or at least think about it. We never really take that long to make a record.”




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about the new record, the boys said:

“It’s quite early days yet. We’ve not really got any songs for it at all,” says Nick O’Malley. “So it’s difficult to say [what the record will be like]. But we’re enjoying playing sort of fast songs at the minute, so maybe that’ll be an indication that it may go that way.”
“[‘R U Mine’ and ‘Electricity’ are] just stand-alone singles,” Matt Helders added, “but like he said, the songs like that are the most recent things we’ve done, so if that’s any sign of what kind of songs we’re writing, maybe we’ll go that way.”

about record store day, Matt said:

“I think [Record Store Day] needs to happen to keep people aware that there’s a better way of listening to music available, and it’s good. Then bands get involved and do something special to give people an incentive to buy it, I suppose. For instance, our record is purple, which means it’s more attractive to the eye. I don’t know why we chose purple. We’d already done a white one before.”

and about the reason behind their purple single, Nick said:

“We’re big fans of Barney.”


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He says: “we are kind of into the idea of doing a record that is like ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘R U Mine’. ”

click below to read the entire interview, where Matt talks about Dr. Dre and other things


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Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham caught up with Alex Turner and Matt Helders to discuss why Brits have much better musical taste than North Americans, sustaining popularity in the internet age and what they’d do with Lana Del Rey on a date.

watch the video HERE

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Matt Helders has confirmed what Alex T had previously hinted at: that the Arctic Monkeys are indeed working on new material as they tour with The Black Keys.

“R U Mine” will not be on the new record. Helders says:

“It’s a standalone thing. Mainly because we kinda needed something new to put out for this tour I suppose. We’d already done four singles for ‘Suck It And See’ so we decided to do something new. We haven’t really started writing officially, a record or anything, but there’s a few things we’re playing around with in sound checks.”

when discussing the viral video for “R U Mine,” Helders added:

“The idea was sometimes when were messing around driving we film ourselves singing stupid songs on the radio, people do that I think, and in a way we wanted to do a video we could put out straight away without any promotion which is what we did with ‘Brick By Brick’. We didn’t tell anybody we were releasing it, we just put it out. In a way, that worked better than any other video we’ve put out. And ‘R U Mine?’ more people have watched that than any other video on this album. So obviously it worked.”

finally, Helders says about The Black Keys:

“We’re really big fans of Black Keys, kind of always have been. It’s a great tour to be able to watch them as much as you want as well. We’ve never done a support tour so it’s quite a lot of excitement and fun to just go on for an hour and you’ve got the rest of your night to enjoy as well.”

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